"I sat with my thoughts at the edge of the sea. The wafting of waves playing games with my feet. The salt left a coating over each of my toes and I wondered why the ocean was so grand and so bold. The water left an odd taste when I licked my dry lips and though magical, it never really filled my true wish. As I turned to the path and my way back to town, I saw a small shop, above the door a bright golden crown. I entered to peek at this tiny quaint place, where wandered this child with his sticky brown face. I finally realized why he smiled, this one oh so small, for the shop sold just chocolate for one and for all."  
Written By Sonja 



My Dream
I had a dream that filled my nights with wonderment and delight.
Why did this dream return at dark, wanting me to see it through?
I thought perhaps I was living in a wish instead of reality,
but when I woke, I was surprised to be filled with joviality.
Are dreams just thoughts we play with or are they the path to our truth?
I finally found my answer. Chocolate became my proof.