Taste My Wares
Come forth my friend and taste my wares,
such luscious delights you shall not find elsewhere.
To start with chocolate is always the key,
but adding other flavors will surely please thee.
A nugget of wonder like a magical dream
My wares are there waiting for all it would seem.
There is no end to what I can prepare
so step on up and you will know that I care.
Love is the ingredient that binds it all together
Through the day and the night, no chocolate will be better.
"I am a magnet attracting goodness and light. I am the goddess who watches o'er the night. I am an angel with wings made of glass and the one who knows all secrets of ancient times past. Whatever I believe I receive and give thanks, for to trust and have faith is the truth that doth last. The key to my delight shines like nuggets of gold and melts in my mouth, keeping me young, so I'm told. Chocolate came to me, I did not go to it and that is how I learned to manifest our desires is God's greatest of gifts."

Photo by Sheree.

"Hawks soaring above my head with mighty regal grace, the sun shining brightly upon each smiling face. Oh life so many doors you have, each filled with secret treasures. I love to peek and see what you have inside, these curious new pleasures. Something caught my eye and I had to follow it through. It was a nut of sorts I saw and pondered on what I had found. It was so odd, but enticed me further as I saw it on the ground. I heard a song begin to form, cacao cacao come to me now today. I don't know why, but I believe somehow, you will become rich chocolate one day. I fussed and made a paste, the best the world would ever see, for chocolate is from cacao and it has set me free."

 By Sonja.

Photo by Sheree.

"I closed my eyes and soon was flying to the land of night time dreams. I found my way to the glittering stars as the moon showered me with her beams. I sang a song of pure delight to keep the journey sweet, as angels carried me to the place of  chocolate, saying here is where you and your special love forever shall always meet."


Written by Sonja.

I have 2 flavours available-


Maple Syrup Roast Almond:

Cocoa butter, cocoa powder, maple syrup, roast almonds, coconut oil, vanilla.

Maple Caramels:

Cocoa butter, cocoa powder, maple syrup, cashew paste, coconut oil, vanilla, roast almonds.



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